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Our Mission

Calle Ocho LA

Our Mission:

Celebrate Latino tradition, culture & heritage in Los Angeles and one of the most important TOY DRIVE events in the city of Los Angeles.

The Annual Festival Navideño means Christmas on 8th Street. Calle Ocho … Spanish for 8th Street, is the largest celebration of Latino culture in Los Angeles. We have combined two great celebrations; Christmas and Calle Ocho, to bring you the Festival Navideño en la Calle Ocho, Los Angeles!

This large street party is filled with musical stages, carnival, entertainment, food vendors and most of all toys for the children. This event will be broadcast by all major television networks, radio stations and will be documented by international magazines and publications.

Attendance for this event will be over 100,000 people and is growing every year. Enjoy various Latino musical performers, traditional dances, carnival rides, and many ethnic dishes. Also guest appearance by Santa Claus with many gifts for the children.

Sponsors and companies can reach thousand of people at this event. A great way to IMPACT the ever-growing Latino  marketplace!

If you want to become one of our sponsors, we invite you to contact us for more information.

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